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70ft Wet - Ultimate 30ft & RCS w/Pool

70ft Wet Ultimate Obstacle Course

    • Setup Area: 70FT. X 11FT. X 16FT. (LxWxH)
    • Outlets: 2

    • $589.00
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THE FUNNEST WAY TO BEAT THAT SUMMER HEAT!! Our 70ft WET Ultimate 70ft obstacle combo offers 70 feet of challenging obstacles, rock climbs, dual water slides and an awesome POOL! This inflatable dual lane obstacle course takes participants on a larger journey through tunnels, around horiztontal and vertical pop-ups, up the rock climb n' slide and descending down the dual lane slides into a refreshing pool! This sleek 70 foot Obstacle Challenge provides a bright purple,green, blue, yellow and red primary-colored theme and its arching design will attract attendees and keep them entertained. This inflatable obstacle course can be an amazing centerpiece for any church or school event as will as aN ULTIMATE backyard party!